Insurance/Government Banked Guarantee Scheme

Insurance/Government Banked Guarantee Scheme



This scheme is designed to support small and medium-sized businesses, with a turnover in excess of USD 2Mio per annum with a viable business proposition but insufficient security (only partially secured) or an inadequate track record to back their borrowing.

Product Features

This is a term loan product offered in conjunction with a vetted A rated credit insurance firms or government.

  • A risk indemnity guarantee is issued in favour of the Lender by the Insurance firm which will enables Lenders to consider lending to entities who would not otherwise satisfy our lending criteria.
  • Enables the clients business to access finance it might not otherwise be able to due to a lack of security
  • Provides funding for a range of business needs, such as investment; working capital or refinancing¬† purposes, subject to eligibility and certain restrictions
  • Gives you flexible repayment structures and the option to take capital repayment holidays so you can match payments with income.